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Hammam - Sauna

Sauna's cabin is a wooden canopy in different dimensions. The smaller size is for two individuals and bigger it can entertain even 15 individuals.

The material of manufacture emanates from coniferous trees that do not have big content in resin (eg κώνειο ) and from this are manufactured the walls and the benches above in which seat or lay down entertained.

The benches are placed in different levels (amphitheatrically), so that increases the capacity of the cabin and is given the possibility of choice, provided that in the higher points the temperature is higher.

Sauna is not equivalent with the Hammam (or steam bath). The Steam Bath is cabin full of water vapours. The temperature is maintained in much lower levels than Saunas because as long as it increases the content of air in water vapours so much is decreased the tolerance of temperature from the body.

In the Steam Bath the temperature of air does not reach more from 55° C.

In Sauna the temperature is roughly 80°C and it can reach also in their 100° C. Body does not reach in the same temperature, naturally, because the perspiration maintains the temperature of body in bearable levels.

Usually the temperature of skin goes up at roughly 3° C, while the bodies it goes up roughly 1° C.